Montre-moi (Show me) is an interactive video installation that questions the representation of woman’s body. The viewer’s body reveals the image of a woman.

Evocations 1,2,3,4 is a video installation made up of four TV monitors. Micro video loops draw the attention upon the essence of expression. This video work explores the perception of multiple women’s bodies.

is a video installation based on the memory of a choreographic sequence. Aboulie is a reflection about the different levels of motion representation, from reality to shadow, from natural to virtual, from a tangible body to deformation…


Blobettes s'installent is an interactive installation set up for a shop window space in an urban environment. Blobettes s’installent is a reflection about the representation of movement, about the limitations of our frame, about the shapelessness of our body.

Blobettes_ _ _ se tracent is the project of an interactive installation. Within an immersive environment where multiple performances are intertwined, Blobette – a strange doll moving between reality and virtuality – explores the limitations of our body frame.

montre-moi blobettes s'installent évocations 1,2,3,4 aboulie Blobettes_ _ _se tracent sommaire
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