Niks is an interactive solo for a woman and her projected image. Niks explores, tests, kneads and stretches the skin. A performance that deforms appearance, questions body representation and image.

Abouli(v)e is a live sound and image performance based on the memory of the installation Aboulie. A musical and visual set like an exploration into body movement dynamics.

Blobettes is an immersive performance/installation around shapelessness. A dance duo inviting the spectator to the heart of movement.

BI#1 - Le Poil is an interactive solo exploring the question of body intimacy. The solo is the first creation of the networked project Body Intimacy.

BI#7 - Absorbe-moi is an interactive duet around the black. This project is a research on the illusions of black, its power of absorption and the scenic depth this complex colour conveys and inspires.

niks abouli(v)e blobettes BI#1 - Le Poil BI#7 - absorbe-moi sommaire
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